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Outline of a Resume

A professional resume is an essential marketing tool in your job search process. Its various sections allow you to highlight everything a future employer needs to know to get you the job. The outline of a resume below will allow you to arrange that information for maximum impact.

Remember, ideally, your resume should be no longer than 11/2 pages long, so use it to highlight your very best features, advantages, and benefits. Your future employer only cares about one thing, "what can you do for me?"

Chronological Resume Outline

Contact Details
  • Your first name and surname
  • Your address
  • Home and cell phone
  • Email address (home - not your current employers)
  • Website/blog/online portfolio
Objective (Optional)
  • Tailor your objective to the specific job title, focusing on how you will fulfill the needs of the employer.
  • List the skills you possess that apply to this job
  • List any relevant IT skills
  • Add fluent language skills

  • List four or five major achievements specific to your current or prospective role. Quantify the results as much as possible.

  • In your career history include job titles, company names and the dates you worked for each company. With dates, use the month and the year.
  • Begin with and spend more time on your most recent work experience. Include company contact information but not salary information.
  • If you have more than ten years of career history, you can condense your earlier experience.

Education and Training
  • Include any college education you've had, even if you didn't obtain a degree. Once you have a college degree you will not need to add high school information.
  • Include the school's contact information.
  • Include relevant trainings, seminars, professional associations, etc.
  • Include military experience.
  • Include high level awards and accolades.

Personal Information (optional)
  • Include interests and hobbies that apply to the job position
  • Don't include marital status, race, age, etc.

  • State "References are available on request."
Congratulations. You have now taken all your relevant information and arranged it in a logical and attractive manner. It is time to type it out or to use the free resume template included below.

Professional Resume Template
Professional Resume Template

Work Strategically has a free chronological resume template available for download. You can use this template to create a professional resume in a fraction of the time you would spend designing one from scratch.

Chronological Resume Template

One Last Step

Before you send your resume out, check it one last time to ensure that you have a top quality resume ready for distribution.

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