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who work with a Career Coach find jobs 15 - 46% faster than those who don't!†

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†Lee Hecht Harrison study

Free Career Assessments

You want a change and you want it now. Good for you. However, in your haste, don't make critical mistakes that can never be undone. Take time to use these assessments to make sure that you are fully prepared every step of the way.

Be Assured of Success

We live in the information age. It's wonderful. It's accessible. And frankly, it's overwhelming. Fortunately, to make your job search successful, you don't need to find it all, read it all and know it all. I have done that for you and compiled all the essentials you need right here at Work Strategically.

Browse the website, learn the key principles, and apply them at just the right time.

Test Yourself in Each Key Area

As you reach each step of your job search, this website is your "must-know" information source. After you have gathered all the information you need, do one more thing. Take the associated free quiz to gauge your readiness before you move forward.

If you pass the quiz with flying colors? Great - you can move confidently ahead. Do you need a few more tips? No problem. Go back. Review that topic, and then try the quiz again.

Never again do you have to put yourself in a situation for which you are unprepared.

Use this free assessment page to learn, to grow, to assess, and to reassure yourself that you are fully prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Free Career Assessments
  • Job Interview Quiz
  • Recession Proof Career Quiz
  • Job Search Readiness Quiz
  • Networking Quiz
  • Resume Readiness Quiz

Preparation leads to confidence. Confidence leads to effective action and effective action leads to success. Follow each step carefully and you will land that next job.

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